Product Mokasol



Refined taste and engaging. has been certified ITALIAN EXPRESSO QUALITY (maximum certification of GTT), that guarantees our product at the international level.


Our blend of history, made up of excellent and carefully selected Arabica and Robusta extraordinary, that for more than 50 years satisfy our customers.


We have created, believing in the quality of the natural product, a blend of certified organic coffee, coffee that is grown in a complementary way naturally without the use of chemicals, suitable for those restaurants and bars that want to combine their proposal for a "bio" already exists or even coffee for those bartenders who want to further qualify their offer.


The mixture F.S. has a strong taste, created thanks to the blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee.


Decaffeinated we use for our bags used at the bar is of course one of the best and the mixture was definitely gives the idea of drinking excellent coffee full-bodied and rich in flavor. despite the presence of caffeine is limited equal to 0.10%. Decaffeinated coffee and 'is available in capsules or sachets.

Other Products

These are the products distributed by Mokasol:

  • barley
  • chocolate
  • The
  • chamomile
  • Honey and Sweeteners
  • chocolates
  • sugar

Coffee pods

mokasol 04The coffee pods have already found a good market, especially the attention to quality.

In fact, our waffles, maintain our philosophy of pursuit of quality and a good value for money.





inside the waffles you can find the blend of coffee:

  • Gran Bar.
  • The Arabica blend.
  • The best blend decaf.
  • Our organic mixture.
Coffee in Capsules

Mokasol offers its customers, both for domestic use and for offices and events, the capsules.

In the continuity of our philosophy the coffee that we use for our "new" customers is identical to that of waffles and coffee beans that we distribute in the various clubs, then giving the assurance of a high-end product with organoleptic characteristics and yield in identical cup; we are happy that this philosophy of quality has been appreciated by many.





In the proposal of our capsules

  • The Coffee Gran Bar
  • Decaffeinated Coffee
  • Barley coffee
  • Ginseng
  • Tea.